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Weekly Specials

Below are the featured items for the week of September 16, 2019...

Monday - Cresco - Rocket Fuel Disposable Pens 10% OFF

Tuesday - Tincture Tuesday! - All Tinctures are 10% OFF

Wednesday - GTI - Jack Herer Disposable Pen 300mg 10% OFF

Thursday - Ilera - Shine, Breathe, Soothe, and Dream cartridges 10% OFF

Friday - Liberty - Salmon River OG Pax Pods 10% OFF

Saturday - Shatter Saturday! - Ilera Mochalope Shatter 10% OFF

Weekly Highlights (On Sale All Week!) - Ilera - Breathe Cream 10% OFF

Pa MMJ only. Call or check menu for pricing and availability.

You can also sign up in store to receive daily text updates on specials and events!

Make your stop even faster by clicking the link below and placing your order online for same day pickup.

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