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When Pennsylvania first sought to pass legislation allowing the use of medical marijuana, our team knew that we aspired to create a program that would substantially and positively impact local communities and their members. With a deep-seated belief that a community is not the product of one single, evenly connected group, but rather the intersection of multiple diverse groups all working towards a collective vision. This collaborative effort of a dedicated team of healthcare providers, social service providers, and 'outside the box' thinkers who all share a common mission; to provide safe access of medical cannabis to patients seeking alternative therapies for their serious medical conditions.

Our name, "Hive," was chosen to reflect our belief in the natural order and the importance of our community. Just as a hive is a closely-knit community of bees that work together to ensure the health and survival of the colony, we believe that our community of customers, employees, and partners should come together to promote health and well-being through medical cannabis. Our products are carefully curated to reflect this belief and provide our customers with a natural and holistic experience that you won't find anywhere except here at the Hive.


Hive Dispensary strives to enhance quality of life for patients in Pennsylvania by providing access to high quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products. Our team develops individualized patient-focused treatment based on qualifying medical conditions.


Hive Dispensary is committed to supporting the health of patients holistically by offering a comprehensive array of services that improve the larger community, one life at a time. 

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